About Us

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Softea is committed to authenticity and quality. Unlike many other Bubble Tea Shops, Softea prioritizes straying away from artificial tea powders, sucrose sweeteners, and non-dairy creamers. Here at Softea, we only use premium loose leaf teas, liquid dairy and milk alternatives, fruit syrups, fresh tapioca pearls, and house made simple syrup for all of our bubble teas. The dedication to authentic bubble tea reflects our deep-rooted passion for the rich cultural heritage behind the history of the beverage.

Our Asian-Inspired soft serve creations are crafted with premium ingredients and naturally flavored concentrates. Each of our soft serve flavors are distinct in flavor profiles, and prepared daily for quality assurance. Our waffle cones are made fresh in-house daily to compliment the classic pairing of our soft serve ice cream.

We Serve One of the Best Softea

At Softea we are driven by the core belief of putting the customer first and giving everyone the best overall experience possible. Our staff prioritizes that we can help create a hospitable environment for each and every visit. We hope that we can invite you to embark on this new journey here with us in the Vancouver area by sharing our creation with you.

We also want to share our love for Capybaras. Capybaras encourage that you should surround yourself with friendly, honest, and emotional people. They encourage people to go out and enjoy themselves. Capybaras remind us that we should look for opportunities to be a part of something greater and that is what we hope to accomplish for each and every one of our beloved customers!
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